Sunday, March 15, 2015



Thanking God is too easy: all you have to do is mumble a few words while wondering what pie you're going to eat. Let us rather make at least a slight effort to thank those who are really responsible for our comfortable lives. Let us, first of all, even if only in our thoughts from afar, thank those who slave in our orchards and fields to provide us with our salads, fruits, and vegetables. Let us thank all of those whose labors make it undeservedly easy for us to "take it easy." Let us spread the day throughout the year, and make it ThanksLIVING. Let us, at least once before next November, thank store clerks, mailmen, garbagemen, waiters, bartenders, dishwashers, secretaries, street cleaners, taxi drivers, ambulance drivers, nurses and the countless other human beings who make our lives blessed and pleasurable. Thank those special people in your life, not for what they give you or do for you, but just for BEING. If you pass a pleasant stranger, thank them for being part of US. (That will give them something to think about.) Surely you will now understand why it angers me when I read Thanksgiving Day translated into Turkey Day, killing the spirit and reason of the day, just as we have mostly kicked Christ out of Christmas.

JOKE OF THE WEEK: "Afghanistan's president vows to root out corruption."

RELATIVES of a gas station attendant: pump kin.

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