Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It amuses me that "sin" and "guilt" appear more often in the Food section of our newspapers than on the Religion pages.
Post-coital medical exam: screwtiny.
President Andrew Jackson called tomahawks "axes of evil."

If love were a rope around my lady's legs, it would strangle me.
I suspect that my identity has not been stolen yet only because my average monthly bank balance is $1.74.
Tha Association of Afghanistani Funeral Directors (AAFD) regularly televises thanks to our Secretary of Defense.

Ancient Jewish prayer: Do not go Gentile into that good night.
I will vote for any Hispanic lesbian Jew who runs for anything.
Go green, bud!

New FAA requirement on the rear of Santa's sleigh: Rudolph, the red-assed reindeer.
LITTLE JACK HORNER JOINS THE NRA: When my trigger finger sprouted/limb, leaf, bloom, and plum,/I learned how to fire/a pistol with my thumb.
UNIVERSITY PERVERSITY: Is there anything sinister/about a Lutheran minister/teaching social studies/to young fuddy-duddies?

Merry Christmas: Don't forget the missile toll!

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