Sunday, November 23, 2014


There is a gentleness raging in my heart, waiting, waiting for my demon to depart.

So I sez to the silly old bitch, "There are ten million land mines on the face of the earth, and you're worried about your wrinkles."

You must read Suicide as a Way to Lose Weight.

She leaves the light on/when he fumbles for entry:/the ceiling soothes her.
Fingers on her thighs,/flesh trembling, she waits alone,/while birds seek their nest.

TOMORROW: Will Global Warming End Female Frigidity?

HEADLINE: "Roman Catholic Monastaries Refuse to Accept Errant Clerics." (San Francisco Chronicle) That's really Christian!

Our Attorney-General has asked the nation's Peeping Toms to join his network of volunteer "terror tipsters."

HEADLINE: "Sorenstam's 69 in France." The best place for it!

SURELY, YOU MUST KNOW THAT I'M CRYING: If some of my sentences make you smile or laugh, read between the lines, and hear the silent rhythms of my grieving.

World-traveler Hip Harriet says she is proud of having been "Made in China" --
several times.

Cynthia called and said she is just dying to tell me what nymphomaniacs do with linguini.

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