Tuesday, December 9, 2014


The groin rules, the heart fuels, the brain fools.

The tight-lipped can die of thirst in the rain.

Methamphetamine sting: crankshaft.

Cynthia says she is not conceited enough to think that God is interested in her sex life.

If you believe that wearing red-white-and-blue shorts and socks is patriotic, please do not read this blog ever again.

Steal my ID, but leave my id alone.

If heated debate is what you desire, come on, baby, light my ire.
Beware the woman who recites Schopenhauer while making love.
BOBBLEHEAD: cunilinguist with a mouthful of jelly beans.
Nit-wit pickets.
Why do burritos make nuns blush?
RIP: AT 97, "Joe Bananas" split.

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