Friday, December 5, 2014


Freedom multiplies avenues to self-imprisonment.

Pimps don't like coeds who give it away.

If you see an Arab wearing a kilt, please call the FBI and the Jewish Transvestite Society.

You must read How Terrorists Potty-train Their Kids.

Use Botox for your buttocks!

The deadliest killers: Innocence, Ignorance, Indifference, and Indoctrination.

Convenience stores don't rob us, but merely make it convenient for us to rob ourselves.

Refugee border smugglers: flee market.

This column is sometimes a 100-proof outpouring, on which occasions I can be held only 50% responsible.

Roman Catholicism, not getting much help from Heaven, will seek protection under Chapter11.

China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia executed more people last year than we did: well, we can't be first at everything!
A most eloquent testimony to our culture's true values is that prize-fighters are allowed to smash each other's brains, but not to crush each other's balls: Ouch!

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