Wednesday, December 3, 2014


  1. The National Rifle Association wants dildos and vaginal vibrators to be protected by the Second Amendment.

  2. Police use of teenaged decoys is another form of child abuse.

  3. Imposter found not guilty: phoney off the hook.

  4. Harriet tells me that brassieres make great rat traps.

  5. Do today's ball games really have anything to do with sports.?

  6. "Freedom of speech" seems most important to those who have nothing really worth saying.

  7. HEADLINE: "Anti-fraud plan has no teeth." That's because it sucks.

  8. There's a new business in town called "Digital Heaven": I'm afraid to ask.

  9. There are those who suffer from being abused, and those who will profit from having been "abused."

  10. ANOTHER DUMB ONE?: One hundred degrees, and I hear a cop yell, "Freeze!"

  11. You must read Pubic Dreadlocks and Donald Duck.

  12. HEADLINE: "Reformers demand greater lay voice in Catholic Church." Excellent! Nothing raises the spirit more than good sex.

  13. As fear of terrorist use of a "dirty" bomb spreads, one wonders why they can't use clean bombs as we do.

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