Thursday, March 5, 2015



It is not to be confused with post-coital tristesse, from which most of us suffer fairly often. Postorgasmic cephalalgia is a rare, sudden, "explosive" headache occurring around sexual ejaculation. It and gout are considered to be the most excruciatingly painful of human ailments. It hit me in a Las Vegas motel. I can still hear myself screaming as the sudden pain hurled me out of bed against a lamp on the bedside table. It crashed to the floor, and I landed on top of it. The broken bulb lacerated and burned my chest. The head-pain lasted only a few seconds: I cannot imagine enduring it any longer. I think I would have smashed my head against the wall. The lady never returned my call. (Did she think I always climaxed that way?)

*THOUGHT: Love is not a lasso.

*SURRENDER: I am constantly being urged to pursue "fitness" and "well-being," via such things as yoga, aerobics, carrot juice, and yogurt. I have never jogged, bicycled, "worked out," or engaged in sports. Well, I have given in to the pleas of my well-wishers and decided to adopt an exercise regime: once a day I touch my left knee with my right large toe. There! Now, leave me alone.

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