Sunday, March 1, 2015



Father Piero Saluppo asks, "Please do not come to confession when you have bad breath."

STRANGE AND SAD it is how our biases, prejudices, antipathies, aversions and condemnations of large groups of human beings can derive from our reactions to the behavior of one or two individuals: There came zooming out of the Hotel Biltmore in Los Angeles one morning a young couple with skinny bottoms and yellow-and-black Spandex proclaiming their dedication to health and fitness (rah, rah, rah!). They jogged down the street, weaving through the crowd like messengers to Marathon. Just as they stepped off the curb, an old lady pushing a walker tripped and fell flat on her face, and started screaming. Without missing a step the two health nuts split and ran past, one on each side of her, and continued on their race to wellness. I witnessed this more than thirty years ago, but, still, whenever I see a joghead the image blazes vividly within my skull, and I feel a twinge of contempt.

MAN OFTEN USES God and Satan to escape responsibility for the consequences of his own ambivalent behavior.

MY JOY OF THE DAY: 97 white and purple morning glories in bloom on the vines they have wrapped around my giant cactuses. Tell me yours!

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