Thursday, October 9, 2014


BREAKFAST took longer than usual this morning because my pre-school grandson insisted upon counting all the frosted flakes in his cereal bowl (417, 3 darkies).


IMAGE OF THE DAY: My kitten jumped onto the kitchen counter and sat on my fried eggs. His mother spent a long, long time cleaning him: mmmmm, good.

Lust and Fund.

When I told her that I was wearing mismatched socks, she said, "Make sure they're on the right feet."

Confessionals should be equipped with loudspeakers.

When you cry for happy, do your tears taste differently from when you cry in grief?

THE NEXT WAVE: Adulterers' liberation movement.

To see yourself most clearly, close your eyes tightly when you look in the mirror.

The most important things about you are the things you wish were true.

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