Saturday, September 13, 2014


QUATRAIN FOR MY WOMEN: Only your embrace/defines the space/in which my soul/will reach its goal.
Ants in the kitchen/remind me I am lazy:/I kill all of them.
Reading your letter,/I learn how easier is/lying, in writing.

Sucking raw squid cures frigidity.
The notion that all slain American soldiers are heroes and all US veterans are honorable is absurd. I was a GI in Korea, a good-enough soldier to be offered a battlefield commission, but, if I remember correctly, one disgusting human being.
The Roman Catholic Church is spending 20 million dollars to decorate a California cathedral: I imagine that money could have financed a fine center for abused children.

Chrissy is back in prison. "With rue my heart is laden." The lovely tweaker who brought me the news ruined my frying pan by cleaning it with - a pumice stone!
Imam prayer to Taliban dead: "Our fodder, which art in Heaven..."
I feel nothing but contempt for American tourists who are angry because they cannot travel wherever they want to, cannot feel secure in a hundred-dollars-a-night hotel where the prevailing wage for workers is a dollar a day.

50-calibre bullets are too heavy for Christmas tree ornaments.
The caplets and pills I pop for my heart/and the spirits I sip for my soul/sometimes don't mix too well;/so I sometimes have the presentiment/that while my brain will blaze in heaven/my balls will roast in hell.
I know what the fat "Awake" lady/is witness for;/but what are all those skinny broads/seeking "fitness" for?


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